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Kenes Group, Elevating the Leadership Role in Sustainability of the Associative Sector

In today’s global corporate landscape, the imperative for sustainability is not merely a trend but a fundamental responsibility that organisations […]

An Open Exhibition to Honour the Father of Modern Neuroscience and his Legacy

“Butterflies of the Soul: the drawings of Santiago Ramon y Cajal”, a cultural and artistic exhibition parallel to the 11th […]

Navigating the Changing Landscape of Association Leadership and Partnership Development

In the dynamic world of association management, staying relevant and effective requires a keen understanding of evolving trends in leadership […]

Kenes Group CEO Ori Lahav: “Feels like running a marathon… uphill!”

The current Chief Executive Officer of the leading global Professional Conference Organiser Kenes Group, and immediate past President of IAPCO, […]

Artisans of Meetings: Reflections from Priya Parker’s “The Art of Gathering”

When we discover the universal meaning behind our day-to-day activities, we can connect our job with the greater good and, […]

Isn’t All We Do, Hybrid?

Regardless of whether we broadcast an event or not, there are both people and technological tools working together in all aspects of our operations.

The story behind IAPCO Innovation Award-winning UNLOK Education platform

A journey through our CDO Audrey Alloul’s trajectory at Kenes Group, the creative process of Unlok and the current state of the product.

Bridging the Generation Gap at Events

An intergenerational session at an annual medical conference benefits both junior and senior participants.

DE&I Reflections by the Kenes Association Management Team

As organisations welcome perspectives from as many places of the social spectrum as possible, DEI increasingly become a core value.

Let’s stop talking and start doing!

Kenes Group has recently appointed Elena Fis as their Sustainability Officer. Read the interview.

WSO & The World Stroke Congress 2022

The WSO’s efforts culminate each year in the World Stroke Congress (WSC) – an annual meeting where specialists gather to discuss the latest scientific advancements in the field.

IAPCO AM&GA 2023: Two Forces, One Goal

The story behind the planning and delivery of the 53rd IAPCO Annual Meeting and General Assembly, co-hosted by Kenes Group and Ortra Meetings.

What Will 2023 Have in Store for Meeting Planners?

Looking into the future, 2023 will be the year when we utilise the digital tools of this era in alignment with the higher purposes.

The Importance of Onsite Event Marketing

Conducting marketing activities onsite is vital as this is the culmination of your marketing efforts.

Employee Education on Cybersecurity in Times of Home Office

The company’s IT department oversees the data protection and cybersecurity compliance required for the successful operations of the organisation.

The Zone of Genius, Excellence & Leadership

To get people enrolled and motivated, give them the opportunity to tap into their zone of genius, to be of service naturally.

Friend or Foe? Partnerships for Growth, HQ #105

Collaboration rather than competition is the preferred strategy. Should non-profits look to be more competitive?

Circular Economy: a Viable Model for Associations?

Can associations use the concept and how?

Megatrends: Internet of Things and Tomorrow’s Talent and Education

IoT influences and changes our world on a daily basis, so what should we expect of tomorrow?

Megatrends: Next Gen Sustainability

Creating a future of possibility and sustainability, inspired by the Next Gen.

Megatrends: Ageing

Ageing will have an effect on technology, education, quality of life, income, and welfare.

Association Events’ Legacy: Long-term Education Strategies

A key indicator of an event’s legacy is the development of relationships and friendships among participants.

Megatrends: Neuro Pricing and its effects on the events industry

Personalised registrations fees, can you imagine?

The Story Behind 25 Days of Gratitude

The story of how the company, its leaders and employees, sorted out and managed every situation during 2021.

Actionable Sustainability

Once the first step towards sustainability is taken, everything falls into place and all processes get smoother with time.