At Kenes Group, we are committed to integrating sustainable business practices that go beyond slogans and result in useful achievements, in our ways of working inside and outside.


To empower knowledge sustainably and initiate a sustainable way of working for our employees: in the workplace and at home; and the communities we create events and educational programs for, as well as those that host our operations.

Our vision: each of our actions will have a positive impact on our employees, communities, and events – anywhere in the world.

Our Awarded Sustainability Initiaves

Eventex Awards 2024 recognised our Kenes Sustainability Dream Team with a Gold Medal, and the ESPID 2023 Meeting Sustainability Strategy with a Silver Medal.

Eventex Awards is the most esteemed accolade in the world of events. Every year, the competition highlights the best agencies, events, tech, and venues from the world of events.

Kenes Group Sustainability's initiatives received accolades in the Green Event and Event Team categories.

Dream Team: volunteering for a sustainable future of events

The Kenes Sustainability Dream is a task force of volunteers from several departments, dedicated to advancing, incorporating and overseeing sustainable practices.

Eventex Awards 2024 Gold Medal – Event Team Category

ESPID 2023: Advancing Sustainability in Medical Conferences

Innovative strategies, collaborative partnerships, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability left a lasting impact on the environment, society, and the industry.

Eventex Awards 2024 Silver Medal – Green Event Category

Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) that Kenes Group supports and work towards are:

Our Promise

Our Sustainability Policy and Sustainable Events minimum practices ensure that all our client and Original Events are organised with sustainability in mind – for our planet and environment; for all stakeholders – from our team, through our partner chain, all the way to the delegates we welcome, all while improving economic bottom lines.

The policy applies to Kenes team and all events organised by Kenes Group, as well as various sustainability activities. This includes our offices, events, participation in industry events, collaboration with clients, association, suppliers and different stakeholders.

Our attention to environmental, social, and economic responsibility includes working within the law and voluntarily exceeding legal requirements to be innovative and demonstrate leadership on the issues that are important to us and our stakeholders.

As we design experiences, execute events, and evaluate our success we are able to choose every day in big and small ways how our actions build a better quality of life for our employees, clients, event participants, and suppliers.


  1. Minimise environmental impacts in the areas of waste, water, energy and air quality, through improving the output of our offices and our events and conferences.


  1. Ensure our supply chain has responsible social and environmental practices.
  2. Minimise negative environmental impacts, improve economic bottom lines and integrate the social elements in to delivering meetings.

Social Impact

  1. Accessibility and inclusivity – be conscientious to community needs in physical and virtual environments.
  2. Give back to communities by volunteering and growing our Dare2Care and Dare2Share programs in all offices.


Dare2Care is an on-going Kenes Group campaign which embodies our corporate social responsibility (CSR) spirit and commitment. It includes a number of charitable activities and events throughout the year, involving employees in a community or a charitable project.

Give back to communities by volunteering and growing our Dare2Care program in all offices!

United Nations Global Compact

Kenes Group is a proud signatory of United Nations Global Compact – the world’s largest Corporate Sustainability Initiative.

We joined a call to companies to align strategies and operations with Universal principles on Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-corruption, and take actions that advance societal goals.

Net Zero Carbon Events

Kenes Group is a proud signatory of the Net Zero Carbon Events Pledge – an industry initiative to address climate change.

Kenes Sustainability Roadmap 24 - 25

At Kenes Group, our Sustainability Officer Elena Fis with the Sustainability Dream Team of volunteers who consolidate this task force, designed the roadmap of actions to guide the implementation of our Sustainability Policies.

With Your Own Eyes: Climate Change In Photos

The Carbon Almanac invites you to take a look at climate change in photos. Collected and curated by everyday people. If you stay open to what you see, you’re already making a difference. Read further and discover steps you can take to help more.

The Carbon Almanac Photo Book

Let's Stop Talking and Start Doing!

…the above title is the name of the sustainability call to action currently in place at AMC Kenes Group – Estefanía Zárate Angarita spoke about it with the newly appointed Sustainability Officer, Elena Fis.

Read the article:

From Strategy to Implementation

The Sustainability Strategy designed and implemented at this scientific conference is both a milestone and a turning point for our Professional Conference Organiser – PCO.

Read the case study:

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