What Will 2023 Have in Store for Meeting Planners?

All of these are questions that we have been reflecting on and building new strategies upon. Next year we will see the outcomes of a new approach to the whole industry, where multidisciplinary education, online learning and collaboration between societies and companies will be at the core.

As the circumstances of the past few years have pushed humanity to reach a higher level of perception and a more global understanding of the world, the number one driving force of today is the value that each one of us can bring to our specific fields and the purpose behind our everyday actions.

Looking into the future, 2023 will be the year when we utilise the digital tools of this era in alignment with the higher purposes that we have in common to create a multidisciplinary cross-learning network with a larger reach and capacity for meaningfully impacting many more regions of the world than ever before.  And while we will see the upbringing of virtual adaptations to the different global communities’ purposes, we will also experience an evolved version of presential gatherings. Conferences will be critical accelerators of science and global relationships within the fields, ensuring association members won’t want to miss travelling to and attending.

At Kenes, we understand what it is to be purpose-driven; for 57 years we have been working closely with healthcare professionals enabling knowledge exchange that leads to the rapid development of scientific research and ultimately leads to improving patient outcomes. We have pioneered the industry and we continue to do so thanks to the expertise and permanent drive to excel that characterises our team. In 2023, our greatest contribution to global professional development will come in the form of a digital initiative for associations, called Unlok, which aligns with the foreseen future, with the need of generating new revenue streams and offering educational value to the whole community, all year long.

By: Audrey Alloul

Chief Digital Officer

This excerpt was originally published in an article by the AMI Magazine, December 2022: https://bit.ly/3juDr9e