The Story Behind 25 Days of Gratitude

The #25DaysOfGratitude hashtag on our LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter was the link to a fun and engaging content calendar where we shared with stakeholders, clients, and colleagues the journey of transformation that defined 2021 for us.

Through a series of articles, graphics, pictures, and videos from our Kenes experts and association teammate, we highlighted our driving values of expertise, excellence, resilience, adaptability, agility, empathy, integrity, and sustainability. The story of how the company, its leaders and employees, sorted out and managed every situation during 2021, was told day by day from December 1st until the 25th.

Below, are some bites of the journey:

Several members of the Kenes family from different departments collaborated with building up the content calendar and spreading the gratitude on their social media, which resulted in remarkable engagement throughout December. One more time, thank you all.

The “25 Days of Gratitude” campaign concluded with a video from Kenes CEO, Dan Rivlin, who addressed some of the company plans and his perspective of the industry challenges to come in the year 2022:

The full gratitude calendar can be explored here: