IAPCO AM&GA 2023: Two Forces, One Goal

The journey began 3 years ago when two “brave” men, Ori Lahav (Kenes Group’s CEO) and Lior Gelfand (Ortra’s CEO) decided to accept the challenge and host the 53rd IAPCO Annual Meeting and General Assembly which took place from 6-9, February 2023 in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.

It was a double challenge-  on the one hand, attracting people to Israel, a country that is perceived as unstable and sometimes even unsafe and on the other hand join forces between 2 different PCO’s that operate in different ways and in different focus markets.

And so it began….. Kenes Group and Ortra became one team.  There was a clear sense of unity and enthusiasm for a shared responsibility and interest.

When working together, it’s usually in the context of a group of people working together towards the same goal. One can argue that a team worked well when they have reached their goal.  However, achieving the goal is not the sole determinant of a successes.  How the team reached their goal, the relationship, respect, and empathy is just as vital.

The key to our successful collaboration and the great outcome of delivering an exceptional event came from different aspects:

  1. Respect– Each PCO brought its unique strengths. We understood what each person can bring to the table. We all felt respected and valued.
  2. Good & clear communication accompanied with good relations- We had very little misunderstandings and if teammates didn’t understand something, they sought to clarify immediately.
  3. We enjoyed the fruitful relations we achieved while working along with one another and stimulated  each other to maximize the event’s potential.
  4. Support & trust- We created a working environment where we felt comfortable sharing our thoughts and ideas. We supported each other , when needed , we treated each other with full respect, and we felt comfortable sharing ideas.
  5. Healthy competition- Working together motivated both sides to work at our best. The increased competition led us to be even more creative & innovative.
  6. Sharing the same values – Both PCO’s shared the same vision and values focusing on sustainability , legacy, inspiration, technology & Innovation which were all reflected in the program and throughout the meeting.

The program included top leading International speakers focusing on leadership, courage, sustainability, modern employment and how to bring happiness to our workplace.

To conclude, collaboration was and is the key. Bringing together the right people, ideas, and resources is what makes a conference truly successful.

By: Limor Cunia

Vice President of Clients & Operations

This article was originally published in The PCO Magazine – Issue # 104 February 2023: http://bit.ly/3Lb4SAu