3rd International Conference on Lymphocyte Engineering 2022

Event: 3rd International Conference on Lymphocyte Engineering (ICLE 2022)

Dates: 31 March – 02 April 2022

Location: Munich, Germany

Service: Original Event; Fully in-person


At the beginning of 2020, the Kenes Group team together with the Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) that partner on this Original Event took a unified decision that ICLE has to take place in-person and in no other way. Sustaining the interest and collaboration during such a long period of time put a strain on sustaining all stakeholder partnerships until the next event became a possibility.

When the dates in 2022 were pinned to the calendar, the Original Events team had to come up with plans that would allow them to operate in all COVID measures that could arise last moment.


To sustain the connection and organisation of ICLE, communication played a key role. There were ongoing conversations with program speakers, industry supporters, and abstract submitters. Every decision was made transparently and with the buy-in of stakeholders, opening the collaboration to new levels. The team focused on keeping the interest alive while also highlighting the importance of staying committed to the project and its meaning to the larger community. For abstract submitters, the campaigns were often prolonged or re-opened, and each time there was a postponement, each abstract submitter was proactively contacted and engaged with the process. That communication included industry supporters operating in the field of immuno-gene therapy.

The team at Kenes Group geared up to plan yet another version of ICLE for 31 March – 02 April 2022, hoping that there won’t be another COVID outbreak following Omicron at the beginning of the year. The organisation took into account all COVID measures in order to comply with the German and Bavarian health and safety rules and regulations. At the event, all participants were checked for their COVID status, and event-branded masks were provided to everyone. The event was also equipped with a conference app and a digital version of the conference book could be easily accessible with a QR code available on each delegate badge.


It turned out that the event was highly awaited, and the community of immuno-gene therapy and lymphocyte engineering could not wait to meet in-person. There were nearly 400 participants (394), which is a two-fold increase since the last in-person meeting held in 2019, where 198 delegates attended the meeting. The abstracts submitted in 2022 were 130, compared to the 57 in 2019.

Apart from this, the industry sponsors were very eager to attend and support the event and meet in-person the trailblazers of modern medicine.

The International Conference on Lymphocyte Engineering is in a very promising niche medical field and the event featured top-notch experts and medical pioneers. ICLE gathered those who change the face of medicine and are not afraid to challenge the status quo. Those who are seeking to find and use the potential of the human body and immune system components to turn them into a living cure.

ICLE’s strongest competitive advantages:

  • High-quality scientific program and line-up of top-notch speakers and pioneers in the field;
  • Multiple forms of exposure for abstract presenters (oral, e-poster; poster presentations);
  • Opportunity for young researchers to be on stage with the leaders in the field, sharing participation in same sessions;
  • No parallel tracks – nobody misses content, everyone included in the program can be seen and heard;
  • Very focused group of specialists, relatable and engaged with all program topics within their scope of knowledge and expertise;
  • Networking and 1:1 interaction practically possible with everyone onsite.

Maria Vasileva, Project Manager ICLE:

“ICLE is a brand that carries the spirit of innovation and transformation of conventional medicine. This highly specialised field paves new ways and seeks new heights in the mission to find a cure where currently there is no hope. For this, personal commitment and dedication go hand in hand with the professionalism of this medical community. As organisers, we strive to contribute to their mission by providing the best meeting environment and ensuring a smooth and seamless event. We stand by the ICLE community and brand as their progress means not only a celebration of science but more importantly, a celebration of life.”

Julieta Trifonova, Account Manager Original Events:

“ICLE proved to be the Original Event which gave us the confidence that we are on the right track with the development of unique and niche brands. We made the first steps back in 2017 and now, five years later, ICLE is a top-notch event in Europe.

The field of immuno-gene therapy is developing rapidly and the number of students and post-doctoral fellows who participated in the event is a clear indication of this trend. We look forward to reaching new heights in 2023.”

Dr Adi Barzel, Conference Co-chair, Israel:

“The conference was superbly organized! It was a complete joy for us to work with you and the meeting was an inspiring occasion for the speakers, participants and our scientific community in large. All feedbacks are outstanding!”