Healthcare professionals reveal what they really think of virtual events

As a professional congress organiser (PCO) that is dedicated to medical and scientific meetings, the survey reached 809 past delegates from 112 countries on 6 continents to get truly global feedback on the pressing question of effective virtual conferences.

In order to cross-check the validity of the received answers, Kenes Group combined it with three virtual medical meetings and their post-conference evaluations, with a total attendance of over 5,500 participants, gaining additional 1,872 survey responses. The analysed data sets hold identical questions, making the comparison of opinions possible, and adding data from confirmed participants of virtual meetings. This paper analyses what constitutes an ideal virtual event for healthcare professionals.

Main conclusions:

Successful virtual events start with superb content, delivered through a user-friendly platform designed for interaction and to stimulate adult learning. The new pricing methods are tier-based and tied to the presented science, creating value for the event owner, the meeting participant, as well as the sponsors and exhibitors. The scientific program is structured over a longer period of time, extending the life of the congress and allowing for custom learning paths to be built. The session formats are a mix of pre-recorded and live content, in-depth sessions, and bite-sized overview videos. The interaction between all stakeholders is designed and enhanced with the use of technology. The support to healthcare professionals (HCPs) remains and is now focused on allowing undisturbed time to fully submerge into the virtual experience.

Download the full white paper:

What is in the white paper:

  • Before the event – analysing the important factors that would attract HCPs to take part in a virtual event.
  • During the event – how should a virtual event be designed in order to ensure an effective and engaging learning environment.
  • Virtual success – what else should be considered by event professionals and owners when creating virtual events.



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