Kenes Original Event: Flash Radiotherapy and Particle Therapy FRPT 2021

The FRPT looks to build a worldwide organisation of scientists and professionals interested in the rapidly developing field of FLASH Radiotherapy using protons, electrons, heavier charged ions, and photons. This conference brings together industry, researchers and students with professionals working in clinical oncology to provide a multidisciplinary forum about the latest developments in FLASH Radiotherapy. All modalities related to FLASH-RT were discussed with the best international experts in the field: clinical trials, protocols, mechanism, new horizons and more.  

After several months of preparation, the FRPT 2021 was turned to fully virtual only one week in advance due to lockdowns in Vienna, Austria and took place in the Kenes VirtuOz platform which offered a format that successfully approached clinicians, medical physicists, dosimetrists, radiotherapy technologists, and nurses worldwide.

According to Limor Cunia, Director of Client Accounts at Kenes Group, “the volatility of the situation enforced us to strategically plan and prepare for transforming the hybrid into a fully virtual online event.” For the FRPT 2021, the Kenes team together with the speakers had created pre-recorded sessions and interviews that facilitated the restructuring of the event. During the live sessions, the attendees could vote, interact, and network with each other and the speakers. 

“We can’t ignore it; people do have a zoom fatigue. However, the program hand in hand with our unique virtual platform, offers a totally distinct experience and engagement. The nice correlation between the two, has created a positive buzz among the participants. They felt the need to be present and take active part in the live sessions and beyond”, added Cunia.  The content of the FRPT Conference 2021 is available and accessible on demand until March 3rd, 2022.

All the speakers remained part of the scientific program which only had to be slightly adjusted to match time zone differences. The flexibility of the sponsors, attendees and the Kenes 15-people team behind the FRPT Conference was crucial for the successful outcome. The FRPT 2022 will take place in Barcelona, 30 November – 2 December 2022. 

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