Kenes Conference ATTD 2024 Pioneers Diabetes Global Knowledge Exchange

The 17th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes captivated Florence, assembling global experts in diabetes technology and treatment. ATTD 2024, the foremost gathering in diabetes advancements, unfolded from March 6 to 9.

With 4,838 international participants onsite and 662 registered online, from 47 different countries, including experts and industry leaders, Florence – Italy became the heart of cutting-edge discussions in the diabetes arena.

A standout feature of the ATTD Conference was its emphasis on emerging technologies, medical devices, and new therapeutics. The International Fair of New Technologies in Diabetes, a pivotal platform for startups, provided opportunities for product showcase, feedback, and networking, fostering growth and visibility for participants.

Conference Co-Chair, Professor Moshe Phillip said of the ATTD Tech Fair: “ATTD platform serves as a nexus for collaboration, connecting brilliant researchers, industry leaders, and inventors who are passionate about advancing diabetes care. By bridging the gap between innovative ideas and those with the resources to bring them to fruition, ATTD fosters a dynamic environment where groundbreaking concepts can be nurtured, developed, and ultimately integrated into real-world applications.”

ATTD Conference Chairs Prof. Moshe Phillip and Prof. Tadej Battelino led the 17th edition, aimed at fostering a community of professionals driving change in diabetes care.

The meeting promised to uphold the mission of offering a rich program with diverse scientific sessions and more than 900 abstract submissions. Topics included digital clinics, decision support systems, big data, artificial intelligence, glucose sensors, closed-and open-loop systems, artificial pancreas, devices for diabetic prevention, new insulins and medications, insulin pumps, and more.

Co-Chair, Professor Tadej Battelino, emphasized the event’s broader impact by stating: “The ATTD Conference is now also a prime opportunity to present the newest top-notch scientific research, often with concomitant online presentations in major scientific journals, to the entire community: colleagues from the academia, people with diabetes, regulatory officers, reimbursement specialists, investors, industry, and all interested stakeholders in the broadest sense. Thus, ATTD facilitates the fastest transfer of best research directly to the delivery of innovative technologies and medications for the maximal benefit of people with diabetes.”

ATTD Yearbook

The conference coincides with the release of the ATTD Yearbook. Accessible via the conference website and publisher Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., the 15th Yearbook (ATTD 2023 Yearbook) encapsulates crucial articles in the rapidly evolving field of diabetes treatment.

A highlight of the Conference was the ATTD Yearbook session on Friday, 8th March, featuring authors of the book presenting their chapters in a session about the main recent findings and changes in the diabetes field.


At the closing ceremony, we proudly announced the winner of the esteemed ATTD Breakthrough Outcomes Award, supported by Eli Lilly. The award recognizes remarkable practitioners who consistently strive to elevate the standard of care for Type 2 diabetes patients, leading to transformative outcomes.

We were delighted to congratulate Associate Professor Nouran Yousef Salah as the winner. Her innovative project on screening high-risk children for early subclinical dysglycaemia exemplifies her dedication to advancing patient care. The groundbreaking approach involved randomizing children for TZD intervention or no intervention for six months, showcasing her commitment to making a lasting impact in the field of diabetes.

About ATTD

The International Conference on Advanced Technologies and Treatments of Diabetes (ATTD) was established in 2008 to connect clinicians, scientists, engineers, medical corporations, investors, start-ups, regulators, and individuals with diabetes to facilitate the development and implementation of novel diabetes technologies, medications, and integrated treatment solutions. Distinguished international professionals discuss and disseminate information on the latest technologies and treatments in our field.

The ATTD Education Portal, hosted in the innovative digital learning UNLOK Education platform by Kenes Group, provides an invaluable online ecosystem where diabetes professionals can access a wealth of conference materials, e-learning modules, webcasts, and industry resources. This extensive collection of educational content is readily available, free of charge, empowering healthcare practitioners to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in diabetes management. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, UNLOK Education facilitates seamless navigation and ensures easy access to innovative, effective, and multi-disciplinary digital education. 


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