Historical Virtual Meeting for AAT-AD/PD™ Focus Meeting 2020


AAT-AD/PD™ 2020 was scheduled to take place in April 2020 in Vienna, Austria. Yet, with mass lockdowns around the world amid a global pandemic, it was clear that the physical meeting at that time would be called off. However, Kenes Group together with the scientific committee reacted quickly with a creative solution for an entirely virtual meeting.​


The team had under three weeks to convert a meeting into an entirely virtual experience. This was all possible thanks to the flexibility of the IT team at Kenes Group. Working around the clock, the IT experts assisted personally 250 speakers to pre-record their sessions. 14 forums and sessions were live-streamed during the event, adding new content to the platform daily. ​



Apart from the statistical feedback that proved how effective and well-done the meeting was, there were numerous positive comments shared over social media and email with the Kenes team and the scientific committee:​

  • Total attendance of the event was 1,143 delegates, where nearly 200 delegates registered after the announcement for moving to virtual​
  • 1,073 users logged in at least one time
  • Forum discussion attendance – between 395-965 users​

Access to the virtual meeting will be provided to all registered participants. The online sessions will be available until 30 June with an option for late registration.


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