Seven podcast episodes recorded in three different locations with Kenes' leaders about the company's operations and the skills that make it all possible.

” A year-long project that involved a lot of travelling and trust-building with the team worldwide was delivered successfully, beautifully and effectively! “

An interview series recorded in three different locations (Germany, Israel and the Netherlands) where MarCom Manager Estefanía Zárate Angarita talks with Kenes’ experts and leaders of the associative sector about the company’s team, operations and the skills that make it all possible.

Read: https://bit.ly/voicesofkenes

Innovation & Creativity

A podcast had never been done before at Kenes Group and there was increasing interest in developing one. Considering that our team is based in 18+ different locations of the world, this seemed like a fun challenge!

The most innovative and creative aspects of Voices of Kenes Podcast/Videocast are:

  • It is a project that was leveraged on different occasions throughout the year.
  • It is drafted from the beginning of its conception as a multichannel project. Its foundation is the Spotify platform but it was designed to be cross-promoted across all of our social media channels (Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), considering each channel’s different formats: video, audio and graphic quotes.
  • The visual concept of Voices of Kenes was developed to be our seasonal greetings campaign, which is a company’s tradition every December. We presented the podcast series to our clients and partners as the “gift” that we prepared for them.
  • We invited all of our employees to change their signature banner and LinkedIn cover to one of the Voices of Kenes graphics and link it to the project’s site during the end of the year season.
  • The podcast episodes were recorded originally on video and on-site.

We had five different company departments (Business Development, Association Management, Executive Office, Marketing, Small and Mid-size Events) represented by Kenes experts who are usually located in Israel, the Netherlands, Turkey, the United States, Switzerland and Colombia.

Objectives, Planning & Execution

It has been a long-time tradition at Kenes Group to design and send out seasonal greeting cards to clients and partners at the end of the calendar year… with time, the physical cards evolved into digital ones, and in 2021, we decided to use the digital tools as an opportunity to create something different that would not only reflect our gratitude and good wishes, but also our expertise and journey as a global team.

We envisioned a cross-channel social media campaign aimed at re-purposing valuable video content. Voices of Kenes, then, ended up being the result of the above-mentioned in combination with the 2022 MarCom strategy main goal proposed: “To position Kenes as a global team of experts that provide more than PCO and AMC services – a worldwide education enabler in all senses”.

Our MarCom Manager Estefanía Zárate crafted an 8-week journey starting at IMEX Frankfurt, passing by three different Kenes offices (Tel Aviv, Sofia and Madrid) and joining the Istanbul team at an event they were delivering in Rotterdam.

Effectiveness & Results

A year-long project that involved a lot of travelling and trust-building with the team worldwide was delivered successfully, beautifully and effectively!

We created our first season of Kenes Group podcast on Spotify and we liked it so much that we will continue to use the set-up to create more radio-like content.

Our partners and clients were very satisfied to be able to learn more about our experience and our journey as a global team through the interviews. Our colleagues in different locations dived into the work of their colleagues from other departments.

We had a cross-channel promotion that included:

  • Signature banner for all Kenes employees linked to the Voices of Kenes website: +1,500 link clicks < 20 days!
  • Most viewed IG reel on our Kenes account: 1,614 views!
  • Between December 5 – 31 we launched 35 posts: 12,350 impressions, 1.087 engagements, 357 link clicks and 8,8% engagement rate!
  • Seven episodes on Spotify: a total of 95 minutes of content with an audience from 17 different countries. We now have a section on our Instagram profile called Voices of Kenes with a consistent visual concept and great engagement from our own community.
  • The hashtag #VoicesOfKenes is now grouping our podcast content on every social media platform we are on: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

Ultimately, we provided a platform for our Kenes Group leaders and experts to learn more about delivering interviews for television and radio, express their thoughts to the meetings and associations sector and empower themselves in their extraordinary talents!