AAN Virtual Annual Meeting: AAN Excellence – Delivered Unconventionally

Client: American Academy of Neurology (AAN)

Event: AAN Annual Virtual Meeting 20201 – AAN Excellence – Delivered Unconventionally

Service: VirtuOz – virtual event platform; virtual event management and support



AAN organises annually a unique meeting experience for thousands of people – an event with many components and different parts, designed to excite, educate and inspire the American neurology community.

While the beauty of the meeting lies exactly in its unique format, this was the biggest difficulty when it had to be recreated for the virtual world. AAN needed a knowledgeable partner to join them and help with achieving this goal.



With AAN being very well prepared to face the challenge of doing their non-traditional annual meeting for the first time online, and having clear goals and expectations, the team knew that the key to success was a partner ready to provide a mix of solutions and customisations that will fit their needs. The wizards of Kenes Group introduced to AAN the award-winning VirtuOz – the company’s custom solution to virtual events.


The 80-day journey began with the decision to achieve one common goal – deliver an unconventional virtual experience for AAN.

It required innovation, trust, flexibility, dedication, and understanding on both sides to achieve this dream.

Kenes Group provided a unique 3D platform design, support with over 800 pre-recordings, 2,200 ePosters submissions, program updates in the 360+ planned sessions, building 120-booth exhibition, 32 industry sessions, and during the live dates supported 298 interactive and live sessions, industry exhibition and symposia, social media, social program, ePosters, IT/chat support, and more.

Operating VirtuOz gave the AAN-Kenes team a virtual playground that could be reshaped to what was needed, all done timely, staying the course of the journey.


When asked what summarises this experience and the relationship with Kenes Group, Christine Phelps, Deputy Executive Director, AANI commented: “Collaborative-innovation.”