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    What is in the White Paper

    As traditional income streams are eroded by this changing world, a popular discussion has become that of new business models. What is non-dues revenue (NDR) and why are associations increasingly looking for such streams of income? What are the sources of NDR and can the non-profit organisation using them remain self-sustainable, relevant, and à la mode? And what is the potential of each NDR source? We attempt to answer these questions using relevant examples from the practice of the Kenes Group Associations team.

    Gergana Tzvetkova is an Associate Association Manager at Kenes Group. She is interested in a wide range of topics related to association management and membership. Gergana has previous experience in non-profit organisations, research, and media. She has a PhD in Politics, Human Rights and Sustainability from the Sant’Anna School of Advance Studies, Italy.

    For over fifty years, Kenes Group has been creating success stories with associations around the world. We’re experts in helping associations reach their true potential by strategically building awareness, loyalty and satisfaction among current and potential members, as well as stakeholders. We harness the power of community, strengthening your association’s brand through unforgettable experiences – fostering change, inspiring members, educating, and improving your association’s business performance.