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Fifty years of knowledge, experience and market expertise have led Kenes Group (Kenes) to the forefront of global conference management and to becoming one of the world’s leading Professional Conference Organizers (PCOs). We have proudly hosted over 3,000 conferences in more than 100 cities around the globe, with over 120,000 participants per year. Recognized as the world leader in meeting planning, Kenes is the only global PCO dedicated to medical and scientific events. With over 120 long-term and returning clients, we have earned our reputation as the ‘provider of choice’ for global conference management. Read more...


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How can we as marketers and meeting architects make sure that we effectively reach our potential audience not only to promote a meeting, but to maintain continuity between events? More importantly, how can we take the best leverage today’s frontline social media and other tools to increase results? What we all want is to get the word out or, in the online world – to transform “engagement” into “conversions.” Find out how. Read the new Kenes blog


Planning your meeting is the core of Kenes’ expertise. Our continued investment in new technology matched with a team of skilled professionals, have made Kenes the ‘provider of choice’ for clients around the globe. But it's on-site is where Kenes shines. We skillfully handle all of the logistics, media, venue, tech and secretarial support – all the ingredients to making your event memorable.

Kenes M+, the new wide-range service offer of Kenes Group, dedicated to conferences and events of small and medium sizes, is bringing to the table fresh entrepreneurial spirit and the endeavour to flourish together with our clients. Read more…

Kenes boasts some of the most advanced technology in the business, including fast and intuitive on-site registration where waiting in line – is a thing of the past. Read more...