Working in Concert For Better Animal Welfare at WSAVA

Improved international healthcare standards for companion animals

The 44th World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) World Congress 2019, organised in collaboration with the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA), welcomed over 2,200 veterinary professionals from 80 countries in Toronto, Canada, aiming to advance the health and welfare of companion animals worldwide while celebrating the 60th anniversary of the association.

" WSAVA 2019 showed the power of working in collaboration between societies, but also with partners and suppliers alike. "

The 2019 event had firm focus on education with over 50 different streams covering three levels of education, with topics on soft tissue surgery, diagnostic imaging, pain, dentistry, welfare, vet techs, microbiome, exotic animals, professional wellness, shelter medicine, and more, in sessions supported by WSAVA, CVMA, and other affiliated societies.

As each edition of the congress, there was a highlight on one of WSAVA’s committee groups. In Toronto, there was a presentation of the initial findings of the first study of global veterinary wellness, undertaken by the WSAVA’s Professional Wellness Group.

The WSAVA Therapeutics Guideline Group has developed a list of essential veterinary medicines as a minimum standard, as to what should be available for a veterinary pharmacy regardless of where a veterinarian practices in the world. This list was shared with VIPs and dignitaries from the global veterinarian community during a Veterinary Leadership Summit on 17th July.

The WSAVA Congress saw the presentation of the WSAVA’s Annual Awards. They included the presentation of the prestigious Global One Health Award to Dr Michelle Lim, a Canadian veterinarian and founder of the Community Veterinary Outreach charity. Its veterinary volunteers care for the animals of homeless and vulnerable people while its human health partners provide preventative health care, education, and support to their owners.

Perry Gil-Ran, Director Client Accounts at Kenes Group, added:” WSAVA 2019 showed the power of working in collaboration between societies, but also with partners and suppliers alike. The event was very smooth, and it was precisely because everyone involved – from the destination, through the venue, to the last supplier, understood well the goal of the event and worked to achieve it. I am happy that our team at Kenes was once again a part of WSAVA’s success”.

With five new members, at its 60th anniversary, WSAVA represents 113 veterinary associations and more than 200,000 individual companion animal veterinarians around the world.


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