World Stroke Day 2018: Up Again After Stroke Awareness Campaign

Raising awareness through World Stroke Day

Stroke is a leading cause of death around the world. But that's just part of the story and why, over ten years ago, the World Stroke Organization (WSO) designated 29th October as an awareness day.

" With over 80 million people in the world having had a stroke, 50 million stroke survivors live with some form of permanent disability. "

The Campaign

World Stroke Day supports WSO’s mission to deliver lives free from stroke by informing and educating the public about the disease, how to spot it, how to prevent it and how to live the best possible life after stroke.

The Kenes Associations team managed the campaign on behalf of WSO, supporting the development of all strategies and the delivery of the annual campaigning guides, toolkits, and resources to inspire and support members to join in a globally coordinated, collective action on stroke awareness.

With over 80 million people in the world having had a stroke, 50 million stroke survivors live with some form of permanent disability. In 2018, the campaign focus was to show that with the right treatment and support, employing patience and dedication, it is possible to get #UpAgainAfterStroke.

The Outcome

On 29th October 2018, the world came together to show the difference it can make when we face stroke as one. Stories of challenge and triumph were shared online alongside videos and patient information brochures with advice on recovery. Events took place in communities, hospitals, universities, and workplaces around the world. The campaign resulted in:

  • Reach of almost 170 million people around the world
  • #UpAgainAfterStroke and #WorldStrokeDay hashtags went up by 84,223% (when compared to usage on Oct 1)
  • The press release was picked up by over 188 international outlets creating 84 million opportunities to view. Local and national press stories about World Stroke Day, stroke prevention, and stroke awareness were published. Inquiries came from all over the world – from the Philippines and Indonesia to Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • 11,000 Up Again campaign toolkits were downloaded from
  • 194 World Stroke Day events were registered, spanning across 61 countries

Kenes Associations management team also provides ongoing support with the WSO advocacy agenda ensuring that stroke is given the visibility and priority commensurate with the global impact of the disease. This includes coordinating member input to United Nations (UN) global and regional consultations and engaging with partners in the NCD Alliance. In September 2018, WSO participated in a global week of action to raise awareness and call for accelerated action on non-communicable diseases in advance of the Third UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs on September 27th, 2018. This included the launch of a global policy paper on stroke and noncommunicable diseases (NCDs).

The High-Level Meeting was an important rallying point to raise the profile of stroke within the debate on NCDs and to focus the attention of Heads of State and Government on shared and specific actions to reduce premature mortality from stroke.