World of Microbiome: Valuing every voice with an engaging technology

The First World of Microbiome Event

Kenes Group organised the first World of Microbiome conference on the topic of Pregnancy, Birth and Infancy in October 2019. For this inaugural event, everyone in the audience had the chance to speak up and engage with a real-time polling and questions tool.


Event: First World of Microbiome: Pregnancy, Birth and Infancy (WoMPBI 2019) (

Service: Kenes Original Event; Congress Management; Marketing and Branding; Onsite Technology Engagement


The first World of Microbiome conference aimed at starting the conversation on the topic of microbiome in pregnancy, birth, and infancy. To achieve this goal, it was of high importance to give the opportunity to speak up not only to the prominent speakers on stage but also to the audience. With a multi-disciplinary community onsite, it was key to make everyone feel comfortable sharing their experiences, opinions, and questions.


A live app for real-time polling and Q&A was the solution to this challenge. The app was introduced from the get-go of the event, and it was instantly put in use by the audience. Live polls were integrated in a few speaker presentations to measure the audience’s pulse on trending topics, with about 60% of the active online delegates responding to these surveys. The feature that was most used was the Q&A and question upvoting feature.


With seven panel discussions spread out through three days, about 30% of participants on average actively engaged in the conversation asking over 200 questions through the app. The questions were upvoted by other delegates, closing the meeting with over 1,200 likes in the app. For an inaugural event, this is certainly one very app-active audience, however, it must be mentioned that there were many questions addressed directly to the panellists at the event, ensuring that each voice was valued and every opinion heard.