GAME ON 2019 – The Tabletop Games Event | Eventex Winner

A case study from an Eventex 2020 awards winner

Game On is a tabletop games event, organised for people interested in board games, card games, dice games, or miniatures. All attendees get to discover new games, try the ones they have always wanted to, and most of all - enjoy the three-day experience.

" The event is emphasising tactile and hands-on gaming which comes as a breath of fresh air in today’s over-digitalised world full of screens upon screens. "

What is it all about?

Only in its third edition, Game On has already become a top event dedicated to board games, both in Madrid and throughout the country. It provides a safe place for all people, big and small, that like fun and games to go wild, test, play, and be merry. The goal of this third edition was to continue growing and improving the event. Emphasising tactile and hands-on gaming comes as a breath of fresh air in today’s over-digitalised world full of screens upon screens. Connecting people through board games, having the whole family keep away from media to play together and have fun were the main objectives of the event. Game On is all about the action.

Participating in different games, activities, puzzles, and experiences is at the core of the fair. Organised Play is another way to meet new players, face new challenges, make friends, and find places to play favourite games while joining the community of players around the world.

Game On 2019

Game On 2019 managed to increase its attendance by 25% rising to 5750 participants, offering even more games, more activities, and more fun for all types of audiences, from the novice to those that are deeply invested in certain games. There were hundreds of tables where you could try both the newest games as well as the classics. The list of games was endless, 372 different ones were available to play, including God of War, Stuffed Fables, Smog Riders, Orbis, Narcos.

However, this year Game On had a serious note by taking a stand against bullying, supporting the campaign undertaken by Totto, one of the fair’s sponsors. All attendees could take part by buying a badge. For only one euro, they could buy one of eight different models featuring anti-bullying phrases, showing that bullying must end. The campaign was tied to a fun contest onsite where participants could win prizes in the spirit of the whole fair.

The PCO Perspective

From the PCO point of view, Game On is not an easy event to organise (which one is?) but it surely is a fun one. The main challenge lay in switching from the concept of a professional conference to an event open to the public that needed to combine both a professional and an entertainment side while maintaining a balance between the needs of the two types of attendees.

It took time to fully understand the difference in the requirements of such an event, but one soon realised that all you need to do is to think outside the box and adapt.


The event was a Bronze award winner in the B2C Category at Eventex Awards 2020:

The story first appeared in IAPCO The PCO, March 2020 Issue.