Bosques De Radiatas #22 Ofis #303, Bosques De Las Lomas C.P 05120 Mexico D.F

Enrique Salcido Cota
Country Manager Mexico

“Mexico is a magical country, filled with a unique service philosophy, attention to detail, and care. Mexico is a destiny, full of multiple fortunes and a rich culture whichever destination you choose. We give you our warmest welcome!”

Kenes Group Mexico City is represented by Groups2go. Groups2go is a young and dynamic company, created to answer the needs of the market. With a team of 40 multi-talented professionals and 22 years of experience, Groups2go is able to offer a solid professionalism answering the needs of our clients towards the organisation of their events. They specialise in conventions, company trips, and seminars, always utilising their competitive know-how for the benefit and success of your events.



Planning a meeting in Mexico means a wealth of choices. Mexico meeting and event planning choices range from historic Colonial buildings to the charming villages of the interior; and to sophisticated cities to all-inclusive resorts in remarkable coastal areas.






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