Can you imagine typing your abstract on a typewriter and running across the room for the white-out every time you made a mistake? What about using a photocopier to make multiple copies of your abstract and having to clear a paper jam every 15 pages or so?

Printing out research posters on large sheets of paper? Whoever heard of such a thing? One day, in the not so distant future, you will hear these words echoing in the aisles or between the rows of the auditorium at the professional meetings you attend.

“E-posters, anyone?” “Yes, thank you. I’ll take 40.” E-posters are fast becoming one of the tech-specs (spectacles) at many of the world’s leading industry events. So what is this e-poster anyway? Without too much guesswork, an e-poster is a poster presented as a PowerPoint slide presentation. In lay terms, an e-poster is an electronic version of the traditional board.




But why the buzz? Where do e-posters fall on the cool technology scale? On my recent e-hunt for the coolest e-poster, I stumbled upon a 60″ flat screen mounted on a stainless steel stand. It was equipped with a tablet touch controller so that users could easily navigate through the presentations. With the “e” tacked onto the poster element, e-posters conveniently allow users to flip through the presentations, and also forward abstracts and posters to a personal email account.

E-posters aren’t the only cool technology out there for congresses of all shapes and sizes. If you forgot to pack your business cards or you can’t figure out which session to go to first, don’t worry, the new congress app’s got your back! A free download is all you need to have every congress detail at your fingertips. You can also download the app to a tablet or an iPad.

Lost in the congress venue?  A detailed map is on the app.
Want to ask a question in a session? Send it to the session moderator via the app.
Interested in finding out more about a session or keynote? Search the speaker bios on the app.
Not sure which session is taking place when? The entire scientific programme and schedule are conveniently located on the app.
No pencil to jot down your daily schedule? Use the session scheduler on the app to build your own personal schedule.

I realized that between the ever efficient e-posters and the very applicable apps out there, that next week’s conference will leave me lots of well-deserved spare time between sessions – and that’s when I can network, learn something new and enjoy myself. After all, isn’t that what conferences are all about?

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