Kenes Group, our companies and employees believe in the importance of taking an active role in
local community and charity projects. We are committed to integrating responsible business
practices into all of our operations, not just by words and statements, but also with deeds.
With “Giving Back,” we aim to positively impact the workplace, the marketplace, the environment
and the community.

“Dare to Care” is a Kenes initiative. An on-going campaign, Dare to Care embodies the spirit of
our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), where actions come alive in a variety of charitable
activities and events throughout the year.


We are very proud of Kenes employees’ volunteer program. Over half of our employees – one in
every two employees, is involved in a community or charitable project. Our employees work under
the umbrella of the “Kenes Giving Club” that recognizes volunteer leadership and involvement
and honors the Volunteer of the Year at an annual company event.

 volunteer of the year

We support a wide range of community initiatives through cash donations, gifts, and charitable
sponsorships. Kenes employees across the world demonstrate their community spirit year-round
by volunteering and addressing the needs of children. More recently, Kenes initiated charitable
projects with Doctors Without Borders to support their goals and objectives around the world.

Part of the Kenes vision is our commitment to serving the community and contributing to a better
world by promoting progress. We encourage our global offices to partake in local social responsibility
projects to make this vision a reality. Throughout the world, community projects are receiving the
support of individual Kenes staff.

Hospital doation team   Pick Pack

Our activities include holiday gifts and charitable donations to a local children’s hospital and an
annual Pick & Pack event where employees spend a full day harvesting and packing local produce
to donate to need families. Kenes also supports an ‘After School Club’ for children 8-12. Kenes
renovated the club with new furniture, computers and kitchen equipment to give the children a
comfortable and welcoming environment. Local Kenes employees volunteer and support the
children by planning and participating in afternoon activities at the club every month.

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